Added Features to the Affiliate Builder Version 1.4.1

Below are the added features of the new version of AB.

More Drag and Drop Functionality:
You can now simply drag and drop the position of all your emails,
blog reviews, signatures and images etc.

Import and Export All Settings:
You now have the ability to import and export all of your pages
and settings.

Create Multiple Pages:
You can now create as many pages as you like from one location,
allowing you to create all your pages from on location.

Navigation Jump Menu:
You now have the option to add a navigation jump menu to your
page with the click of a button.

Social Media Section:
You can now very simply add social media options to your page with
the click of a button.

Advert Section:
You can very simply add formatted page adverts with the advert

Custom Headers And Content:
You now have the ability to add custom header images and any content
you like to each section.

JVZoo Affiliate Functionality:
You can now set your powered by link to work with the new JVZoo version.

More Updates to Follow:
We will be constantly updating and improving version 1.4 over the coming
months with some very cool features.


If you have further questions, please feel free to submit a ticket and our team will assist you further.

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