Can l use a GetResponse autoresponder to also work in this course?

Lots of people have asked Omar about Autoresponders. Specifically whether it’s okay to use GetResponse even though we recommend Aweber.

Omar’s reply is typically this… use whichever autoresponder service you feel good about and meets your budget, HOWEVER… know these things…

#1 Your autoresponder is a HUGE part of your business – this is almost as important as HOSTING. So choose a reputable company.

#2 Don’t try to pinch pennies with the autoresponder company by getting some sort of free one or a self hosted plugin. These will only lead you to problems down the road. Free services will send ads to your list and self hosted ones will create spam complaint issues on your IP address which will create problems with your hosting company.

#3 The bigger and more experienced company you use the better they tend to be at deliverability and keeping your messages OUT of peoples spam folders.

#4 Your Autorseponder service is something that you will have FOREVER. It makes sense to get a discount by purchasing a full year in advance BUT don’t do this until you have TESTED the autoresponder company thoroughly.

#5 If you use something other than Aweber then some of Omar’s training may be a little tougher for you because your screen will look different than his.

The top 3 autoresponder companies for the type of marketing we do are Aweber and GetResponse. We prefer Aweber but many people use GetResponse.

There is also Mailchimp, iContact, ConstantContact and many others buy like Omar said said… the one we use and recommend is Aweber.

If you still have questions, please feel free to submit a ticket and our team will assist you further.


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