Is the Dollars Per Click Guaranteed?

As a benefit to people promoting our products we frequently quote a “dollar per click” figure so they can roughly estimate their potential earnings.

However, there is NO guarantee you will earn that dollars per click or that you will earn anything from the traffic you send.

The dollars per click is a historical average that affiliates have received in the past based on sales over the many years that a specific product has been around.

It is a simple formula of: total dollars earned for all sales by all affiliates divided by total number of page views they generated times the commission percentage.

For example, say the historical dollars per click for My Unfair Advantage is $2/click and say an affiliate were responsible for $10,000 in My Unfair Advantage sales by sending 1,000 people to the page.

That would average to revenue of $10 per person and, at a 50% commission rate, the affiliate would have earned $5 a click.

Of course, if that same 1,000 people only brought in $1,000 then that would translate into a $.50 per click (50 cents per click).

As you can see in my example, some people will do a lot better than the historical dollars per click, some do worse and others may make nothing at all.

It depends upon how targeted the traffic you send is, how well trusted the affiliate is (that’s you) to the traffic, as well as a number of other factors (like how attractive to your traffic your bonus is, etc.)

The more the traffic you send knows you, the better they like and trust you, the more sales you will make (assuming it is a product that is actually of interest to your traffic sources).


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