How Do I Redeem My Bonuses?

In order to redeem your bonuses you MUST provide us with your JVZoo Transaction ID (Payment ID). We CANNOT award bonuses without this. If you cannot locate the JVZoo transaction ID, then please provide us with a copy of the actual receipt. This is not an email you received with your login details. A receipt WILL display some sort of transaction ID and this will help our team locate your purchase.


By creating a ticket without providing us with the proper information, you are delaying the process. This will cause us to go back and fourth with one another until we’ve received what we need from you.

IF you “thought” you purchased via our link but we show no record of it, then we cannot award you any of these bonuses. We also frown upon those who request refunds for a product only to repurchase via our link. If we find out you have done this then you automatically will be removed from the Bonus Factory and all the bonuses will no longer be available to you. In addition, you will be blacklisted from purchasing any of our products and our top affiliates products in the future.

If you have further questions, please feel free to submit a ticket and our team will assist you further.

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