How do I reply to tickets?

In order to reply to a ticket you must login into our help desk using the details that you’ve created when registering to our help desk. These are NOT login details you may have for one of our websites.

I’ve recorded a short video for you below to show you how it’s done OR if you prefer, I’ve included the text version of how to accomplish this task.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the “My Tickets” tab. There you will be able to see any open tickets you have created. *Please note that you should not create more than ONE ticket per topic. You can continue commenting on the same ticket with any of your concerns over and over again without creating a new ticket. Keeping each topic on the same ticket thread will make it easier for our team to assist you.

If your ticket has been “resolved” but you would like to add something or have an additional question pertaining to that topic, please DO NOT create a new ticket. Once logged into our help desk, you can hover over the “My Tickets” tab and you will see a “Resolved” tab appear. There you can see all old tickets that you’ve created and you can then change the status of that ticket from “resolved” to “open.”

By doing this, our team can see exactly what issues you were having from the beginning and how we’ve helped you come to a solution. If you have several tickets open on the same topic, then our team will get pieces of the story.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve received notification via email of your ticket status update, DO NOT reply to that email as it will go unanswered. You MUST login into our help desk in order to communicate with our team.
If you still have questions, please feel free to submit a ticket and our team will assist you further.




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